Alton Towers visitor left dangling from fence trying to escape rollercoaster queue

An Alton Towers visitor was left dangling from a fence after trying to climb over it to get out of the queue.

The guest, who is thought to have been in his late teens, had been queueing for the Rita rollercoaster.

It is understood to he was scaling the fence when his foot got stuck at the top.

When he got to the other side he ended up suspended by his leg in clear view of dozens of onlookers.

An air ambulance was called out to the scene along with a land ambulance.

The visitor was then taken away for his injuries, which are not believed to be serious.

A spokesperson for Alton Towers Resort said: “Medical assistance arrived on site to help with a guest whose actions in a queue line led to their foot being caught between two fence posts.

“An air ambulance was sent due to the rural nature of the Resort, which is common practice, but was not required. The guest left the Resort via land ambulance for further assessment and did not sustain any serious injuries.

This was unrelated to any of our rides and attractions.”

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman confirmed teams had gone to the park at 3pm yesterday, including a land ambulance, air ambulance, paramedic and community first responder.

The spokesman added: “Following treatment for injuries not believed to be serious, he was taken to Royal Stoke University Hospital by land ambulance.”

The Rita rollercoaster opened in 2005 and can go from 0mph to 61.1mph in 2.5 seconds.

The ride is loosely based on the drag racing concept. In 2006, a similar roller coaster called Stealth was launched in Thorpe Park.